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With the Nota Nota you can create your own perfume at home, but why would you want to do that? Do you know this feeling, standing in an aisle, full of the most beautiful bottles and little boxes? Everything glistens and glitters and you just want to buy all of them because they’re so pretty? Then, a nice lady comes up to you, offers her help in finding the newest perfume trend so that you are ready for whatever season is to come. “A little coconut for summer, or something a bit heavier and sweeter for winter?” The sales lady already holds a beautifully designed flacon in her hands and offers you to smell the complex fragrance a wonderful perfumer has created. “It is perfect”, you agree and buy the perfume.

Back home you can’t wait to apply your new treasure – but what is this?? The perfume smells completely different on your skin than you remembered it on that little piece of paper. Also, all of a sudden, you remember that strong “fragrance cloud” in the whole shop, which has probably influenced the smell of your perfume as well. Let’s face it, the perfume you bought smells horrible and you start to realize that you just purchased a very expensive decorative item (for your bathroom) and you will probably never wear it again.


Nota Nota or not a Nota?

Well if you know what I am talking about, or if you are really picky about your perfumes and nothing really smells how you wish it to, I have news for you! Let’s meet Nota Nota – an at home perfume mixing device!

With Nota Nota you can create your own perfume easily through the Nota Nota app. In that app, you can either choose an existing “receipt”, or you can write your own. After you decided on the ingredients and the dosage of the ingredients, Nota Nota will prepare a small sample for you to smell your creation. This is great, because for novices in creating perfumes its quite hard to imagine, how such a perfume will turn out in the end, right? After you’ve gotten your sample, you can do some adjustments on the “receipt” if you feel like it or just have it being mixed the way it is. You will get a 5ml bottle of your creation – just perfect to not get bored or used to the smell. This way you can create fragrances for any occasion, season and mood!

Creating a Perfume with Nota Nota

Nota Nota has also created a sharing platform, where you can share your creations, see the ones of others and chat and comment with other users.

To create the perfume the Nota Nota holds 12 cartridges of basic fragrance ingredients. Those cartridges are called Tolas and as far as I understand, can also be reordered individually. I am not 100% sure about this though, as you can only purchase the machine and the full package online.

Costs of a Nota

At a price of about 613 EUR it is quite expensive (in my opinion). On the other hand, a full set of the 12 Tolas are included together with 42 perfume bottles to be filled with your creations. So you will be able to use it a while until you need to replenish! On the homepage of Nota Nota it says that it is available in Saudi-Arabia and in Selfrides&Co. in London. Sadly, I didn’t find it on the Selfridges&Co. homepage…

Who is the target group of Nota

What I find a bit weird is, that in the image movie of Nota Nota not one single woman is shown. The company is based in Saudi-Arabia and Arabian men do use fragrance quite frequently. Nevertheless, I am sure that their target group is female after all. I don’t want to get political, but as a slight feminist at heart, I always have my issues when women are not represented equally. If Nota Nota wants to be successful in the western countries, I propose them work on a second movie.

You can find more info about Nota Nota here.

If you have any experience in creating your own fragrance, I am curious to hear your story!





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