What is a Lash Serum

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Lash serum are definitely in trend – who doesn’t want to have long, thick and natural looking lashes? It feels like there is a new product launched on the market every month, but what is the difference between the lash serum? Do they work and if yes, how do they work? That’s what we are going to explore in this blog post, next to help you to get long “Bambi-lashes”, of course.

The Background

In 2001 the pharmaceutical company, Allergan, developed eye drops to treat eye pressure, which can be caused by e.g. glaucoma. After using the eyedrops, several patients reported that their eyelashes had grown noticeably in length and thickness. Allergan conducted a study regarding the active ingredient bimatoprost to find that it has a positive effect on lash growth! in 2005 the first commercial product was launched by Jan Marini, followed by the launch of “Latisse” in 2008, which you can only get on prescription. Even though the usage shows great results, there were many women reporting darker pigmentation of the eyelid, the eye colour and other side effects. Also in 2008, Jan Marini exchanged the bimatoprost active ingredient in their lash serum through peptide-based active ingredients, due to the side effects of bimatoprost. Until today, peptides are used in many products on the market. The cheaper serums mainly contain vitamins to nourish the lashes and make them healthier.

How does Bimatoprost work?

Bimatoprost is a synthetic prostaglandin, traditionally used to treat high eye pressure. As a side effect, it prolongs the growing phase of the eyelash. This results in you getting longer lashes.

How do Peptides work?

Also, peptides can have a positive impact on your lash growth. Depending on the peptide, they can stimulate hair growth and prolong the phase, where the hair doesn’t grow but stays in the root and doesn’t fall yet.

How do Vitamins work?

Vitamins in lash serums are mainly there to nourish the existing lash to get generally healthy and well-nourished lashes. How much this can improve lash growth is not very clear and I guess very much up to the individual.


You can find interesting product proposals and reviews on the two following links:




My personal favourite is products with peptides as they show really nice results, without having obvious side effects. Generally spoken I would suggest this:

Are you looking for insane long lashes and not afraid of possible side effects? Try a product with bimatoprost as an active ingredient.

Are you looking for longer lashes, but not for every price? Try a product with peptides as active ingredients.

Are you looking for healthy & well-nourished lashes? Try a product with vitamins as active ingredients.

I would love to hear about your experiences!




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