What is a Beautigloo

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Beautigloo is the newest invention of the beauty-tech world. It is a styled mini fridge to store your cosmetic products in the perfect environment. The inventor, Clara Lizier, came up with the idea, because of the humidity and high temperatures we usually have in our bathrooms – the same rooms we store most of our cosmetic products. The idea of the Beautigloo is, to make you cosmetic products last longer, without going bad.

Do we need this for normal cosmetic products?

Well, definitely no. As a cosmetic scientist, I can tell you, that cosmetic products are tested at different temperatures, different humidity levels and different UV-light exposures for several months to guarantee a good quality product for its lifetime. Also, as I live in a rather small apartment, I don’t have enough space for another device – but of course, this can be different for you!

How can you identify the shelf life of a cosmetic product?

If the product has a shelf life shorter than 30 months, the producer has to state the best-before date on the product. please note that the product doesn’t magically fall apart after the best-before date. Usually, it is still good to use for some more time, as this is mainly a safety date. If the product has a shelf life longer than 30 months, which actually many products on the market have, you find a little jar on the back of your product with a number and a capital M. This means, that the product should be used within X months after opening and during that time, the product is regarded as safe. With the perfect storage conditions of the Beautigloo you might extend the shelf life of your product, but is it really necessary to extend it for example from 24 months to 30? Or did you already use up your highly valued product until then?

When does the Beautigloo make sense?

For me, there are three motivations to invest in a Beautigloo.

Motivation 1:

If you live in a very humid and hot environment, for example in India or Southeast Asia, it can make sense to store your cosmetic products under controlled conditions. Even though the products are tested for their stability under different temperature and humidity conditions in the lab, it is always something different, if the product spends its whole life cycle at over 40°C. So to be extra sure and to seize the most out of your products the investment in a Beautigloo can make sense here.

Motivation 2:

If you are into DIY or fresh/natural cosmetics a Beautigloo can make sense as well. On one hand, you can store your ingredients and oxidative-sensitive oils in the Beautigloo, without having the problem of possible contamination from a regular fridge. After all, it is not recommended to mix food and cosmetic products/ingredients in the same fridge. Also, if you are into fresh/natural cosmetics like “Ringana” or the fresh face masks from “LUSH” you can for sure extend the shelf life by storing it in the Beautigloo. The “problem” about these fresh cosmetic products is usually the no or low usage of preservatives. The classical fungi and bacteria growing in a cosmetic product don’t really like the cool temperatures you’ll find in the Beautigloo. They will grow eventually, but again, at least you will be able to extend the shelf life and use your products longer!

Motivation 3:

Do you belong to this group of nail polish collectors and filling up your fridge with them? Not only do you have to explain yourself to every visitor, who sneaks a look in your fridge. No, your boyfriend also starts complaining, because there is no room for his beer in the door of the fridge anymore! Well then, the Beautigloo is definitely a product you should invest in.

The project was successfully funded on Kickstarter this summer – let’s hope it will be available soon!




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