Lemon Ravioli with Thyme

Recently my boyfriend and I were invited to dinner at our friends. Somehow I had expected a BBQ, just because it has been unusually hot in Switzerland these past weeks and when it’s hot I somehow think of BBQ… who knows why! But what a nice surprise – we’ve got to enjoy homemade ravioli with different fillings. They were so incredibly good (we suspect because our friend has an Italian heritage) and I couldn’t stop thinking about them afterwards. Of course, I had to invest in one of those “ravioli makers”! I mean seriously, what is better than homemade pasta with an incredible and summery fresh filling?

For the dough, I decided, due to convenience reasons (aka I’m a lazy butt) to buy finished fresh pasta dough in rolls. But if I ever have some spare time I will give homemade pasta dough also a try. But for the filling, I was ready to invest some more brain thought and gusto. What combination could create a summery fresh ravioli – perfect for a +30°C week?

I read through some recipes online for some inspiration and decided to build upon the recipe of a simple ricotta filling. To this basic recipe, I added the zest of two lemons and some fresh thyme from our garden. Because I was out of panko, I added couscous instead and it turned out excellent! See for yourself and leave me a comment, how you liked the recipe.

The ravioli maker I bought is from “Betty Bossi” and was on sale when I bought it. An excellent investment and easy to use too!

Lemon Ravioli with Thyme Recipe

This recipe serves 4 – 6


500g Ricotta

100g Parmigiano

2 Tbs Couscous



Zest of 2 lemons (organic)

Leaves of some fresh twigs of thyme

Pasta dough

4 rolls of fresh pasta dough (note, this is the one I bought and there are already 2 rolls per package)


Combine all the ingredients from the filling and stir until smooth and well mixed.


Cut the pasta dough into pieces to fit your ravioli maker. Put one piece of pasta dough into the ravioli maker and thoroughly moisturize the upper side of the dough with water (use a brush). Add the filling, top with the second dough piece and sprinkle with flour. Add the top of the ravioli maker or roll over with a rolling pin, depending what ravioli maker you have. And tadaaa – your deliciously fresh and summerish ravioli are done!

To cook the ravioli boil them in simmering water for 5 – 6 minutes or to your liking.

Without wanting to sound posey, I myself was surprised at just how good these ravioli tasted. The filling was creamy but fresh, due to the zesty lime. The combination with thyme brought a summery herbal twist to the dish. And the fresh pasta dough gave the ravioli a little comfort-food character. This is for sure a recipe which I will cook again soon!

Leave me a comment if you liked the recipe or what you were inspired by recently!



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