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Did you ever think about what we put our hands through every day? We wash them several times, we touch rough and ragged things, we connect through them with other people and with them, we can create the most wonderful things. No wonder that our hands need some special attention when it comes to their care! In this blog post, I am going to propose three different hand creams and show which one is perfect for you!

Why our hands need special nourishment

Our hands are washed several times every day with some kind of detergent. I am specifically not saying “soap” here, because soap is technically a specific type of detergent with a high pH. Anyway, it is of course very good that we wash our hands very often to stop germs from spreading and wash other residues off of our delicate skin. I always cringe inside, when I’m in a public restroom and see other women just “spraying” a tiny amount of water on their fingertips and good is. People, I’m only going to say this once in my blog (I think), but adding some water droplets to your fingertips is hardly removing anything you would want to be removed!

So now that this is said, we can move on to why washing our hands (properly) is putting some stress on our skin. Detergents are designed to remove residues from our skin and target mostly not soluble or oil soluble residues. This means that the water-soluble residues are being solved in the water and the rest is washed off with the help of the detergent. (I’m planning a post on how detergents work in the “cosmetic science” category of my blog. Subscribe to my blog or follow me on Instagram or Twitter to get a note, when its up! (Add Link)) As the detergents target oily residues specifically, they also take off the natural oils we have on our skin for protection. This can lead to dry skin or even worse, cracked skin. Especially in winter, when the air is very dry because of the heating, the risk of dry and stressed skin rises. So it is very possible that while during summer you have no issues with the skin on your hands at all, this can change completely during winter. This is why a good and appropriate hand care routine is very important.

Not every skin has the same needs in order to stay nourished. Some are happy with a bit of moisturizer, the others need more “fuel”. Or maybe “more cream cheese frosting” is also an analogy I like! Anyway, in this article, I’m proposing you three really different types of hand creams. One is a light nourishing hand cream that is mediocre “natural” as I would say. The second one is a medium nourishing hand cream that is the most “natural” of the three. The last cream is the richest and also the least “natural”.  (Read More about the Topic Natural here)

So let’s start getting into the products!

Moringa Hand Cream by The Body Shop

As I’ve already mentioned in the introduction, this is the lightest of the three hand creams. I would suggest using this product if you generally have no big issues because of dry skin on your hands, but need some nourishment once in a while. What I really like about it, is the quick absorption time and the nice silky skin feel after I used it. For my taste it has much too low nourishing properties but I know I’m a bit weird that way. I prefer my hand creams to be very rich because of my generally dry skin. The smell is very feminine and rather intense. But I believe a hand cream is allowed to have a rather strong smell as it is not something you’ll carry on you all day – because you’re going to wash it off eventually.

Regarding the ingredients, I’ve already categorized this product as a mediocre “natural” hand cream. If you have a look at the INCI (this is how cosmetic scientists call the ingredients list) you’ll find at the first place of course water (as usual) but second is an oil called Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride. This is a very common oil used in cosmetic products because of the nice skin feel it brings and the reasonable price. I’m not going through every single ingredient now, but if you read through the next ingredients you will realize, that there are several natural oils and butter included. This formulation is preserved with phenoxyethanol and caprylyl glycol. (For more information regarding ingredients follow the “ingredients” section of my blog)

Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm by Aesop

I personally really like the brand Aesop with there pharmacy like appearance and rather natural products and smells. This hand cream is one of my favorite products from them, as it nourishes my skin just perfectly without leaving a greasy skin-feel. With its natural oils, like almond oil and macadamia nut oil, the formulator of this hand cream made a wonderful choice. Almond oil is a very well skin-tolerated oil, which is also often used in baby care. Macadamia oil is liked very much in skin care because of its unsaturated fatty-acids and rich vitamin and mineral content. The hand cream is not perfumed with an additional fragrance but with high-quality essential oils. It is preserved through mainly phenoxyethanol and stabilized through tocopherol (vitamin E) and Disodium EDTA. Tocopherol protects the oils from becoming rancid and Disodium EDTA is a free radical (like traces of metals) catcher, to protect the cream from changing color or going bad in another way.

I suggest this hand cream for everyone, who needs a bit more nourishing throughout the day and has a bit of a green mindset. Because of its preservative system and the stabilizers, it will be not suited for hard-core sustainability friends.

The Ritual of Dao Night Balm by Rituals

As the name of this cream already indicates, it is best used before going to bed. It’s rich but pleasant texture stays on the surface of the skin for a while, to form a protecting layer during the night. If you are somebody who doesn’t have time during the day to care about hand care, this is a great product for you! With its super nourishing properties, it does its work already with only one application a day/night. The incredible skin-feel of this products comes from the used silicone oils cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone. They are two of the most used silicone oils, but all the cyclic silicones (like cyclopentasiloxane) have been a bit negatively looked at recently. I will go deeper into the silicone topic in a future blog entry, I promise! The creators of this formula added Jobs’ Tear seed extract and Lotus flower extract to give the formulation a luxurious bliss. It is preserved with phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol. This hand cream is a really exciting product if you’re up to something super rich and new in texture.

Do you already have a favorite hand cream? Tell me about it!

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