Lemon Ravioli with Thyme

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Recently my boyfriend and I were invited to dinner at our friends. Somehow I had expected a BBQ, just because it has been unusually hot in Switzerland these past weeks and when it's hot I somehow think of BBQ... who knows why! But what a nice surprise - we've got to enjoy homemade ravioli with different fillings. They were so incredibly good (we suspect because our friend has an Italian heritage) and I couldn't stop thinking about them afterwards. Of [...]

Why you should use Hair Oils

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Reading Time: 6 Minutes Oils have a huge comeback - basically everywhere. In our nutrition, we long realized the benefits of natural plant-based oils. Our skin care routine now carries face oils and even our hair is treated with oils. But why are we using hair oils and how should we use it? Discover all the secrets about hair oils in this blog post. Why you get Dry Hair in the First Place Like with our skin, our hair gets dry [...]

How to Treat your Beard

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Reading Time: 6 Minutes Some years ago no one would have ever thought that there will be a wide variety of beard products on the market by 2019. That peaky thing in your face that the girls used to complain about, all of a sudden became the style symbol number one. Even a moustache is absolutely in again! But all of a sudden you need to think about grooming, barbershops and beard products. Or also about an itchy skin under [...]

How to find your best Scalp Treatment

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Reading time: 5 Minutes We all know what to do with our skin when it is dry. Moisturize! But what should we do, when we have a dry and itchy scalp? And how can we hold apart dry scalp from dandruff? Don't worry, all will be explained in this blog post about Scalp Treatment. Especially in winter, our skin can get super dry. This is of course due to the individual skin type but also due to the low humidity [...]

Which Face Mask is right for YOU

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Reading time: 7 Minutes Let's face it -  there are so many choices of face masks these days, that it is hard to keep the overview and make the right choice. It is sometimes difficult to find the time to face mask, but it just feels so good to treat yourself with one! They are like little active ingredient bombs, created to target a specific need. To get the full effect of a face mask it is thus important to choose [...]

What is a Nota Nota

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Reading time: 5 min With the Nota Nota you can create your own perfume at home, but why would you want to do that? Do you know this feeling, standing in an aisle, full of the most beautiful bottles and little boxes? Everything glistens and glitters and you just want to buy all of them because they're so pretty? Then, a nice lady comes up to you, offers her help in finding the newest perfume trend so that you are ready [...]